Key to being healthy

Being fit and healthy nowadays is not only in a good taste. It is just a must. But it is not that easy to eat properly and stay in a good shape. The key to any healthy diet is simply moderation. But what that moderation really means? In essence, it just means that you have to eat only as much food as your body needs. Not more. It is a very important rule. You should feel satisfied at the end of you meal, but not stuffed with food. So moderation is all about balance. Despite what you believe and what colorful magazines say, we all need a balance between protein, fat, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals to sustain a healthy body and be in a really good shape. It is also not only about supplements.

For many of people, moderation also means eating much less than we do normally. But it does not really mean eliminating some foods you just love. For example eating bacon for breakfast but only once a week, can be considered as moderation if you follow it with a raelly healthy lunch and dinner. A huge box of donuts or a sausage pizza is forbidden in such case. If you eat for instance 200 calories of chocolate one afternoon, try to balance it out by deducting 200 calories from your evening meal or just try to exercice a little bit. If you are still hungry, try to fill you up with extra vegetables or couple of not very sweet fruits.
Everything can be done. You only need a strong will and a good motivation. Set yourself up for success. It is not that difficult as you may think. Staying fit and healthy will be your huge asset. Just try to change your daily eating routine step by step.