Vegan Eggplant Burger Stacks

Thinking on the Basic Professional Eggplant Meats that I produced 2-3 weeks before. The eggplant’s taste and toothsome structure were delicious, I recently couldn’t shun utilising the meats in another menu. So here-you own it: Vegan Eggplant Pizza Loads!

All the lettuce’s goodness -twisted burger without meat — and being truly a beef-eater myself, I assure you won’t also skip it. After your first meltdown of the lettuce “buns” using a delightful choice of burger toppings, you’ll be described as a believer. I applied tangy red pepper cuts, baby spinach leaves, Clear Caramelized Onions (nomz), and creamy avocado slices rather than spread. Feel free to top your burger along with your favorite glutenfree, milk- vegan, gluten-free, or Paleo toppings. The most effective aspect relating to this menu is how entirely personalized it’s!

Whether you’re vegan, perhaps seeking to get more greens in your daily diet, or cleansing, this “burger” collection that is basic is really a , balanced alternative that is great.


How to prepare:

6 Basic Seasoned Eggplant Steaks (about 50% an eggplant’s price)
12 leaves lettuce (like redleaf or butter)
Toppings of the selection:
Clear Caramelized Onions
Baby spinach
Pepper slices
Avocado slices
Tomato slices

1. Stack all of it as desired. That’s all there’s also it. Enjoy!

What’s your chosen “burger” sugar? Have burger replacements tried before?